Urgent Prayer Request

I just got an update regarding Anthony Strauss. Some of you may not know but he is the younger brother of Gloria Strauss, the girl who had cancer and was followed in the Seattle Times by writer Jerry Brewer. A couple of days ago he was found in his room not breathing. He was playing with a necktie and apparently it got caught around his neck and tightened. He is on a respirator and one neurologist has concluded there is no brain activity. The family is waiting for a second doctor to assess his condition around 5:30PM.

If I wasn’t at my parent’s home right now in the Tri-Cities, I would be joining several other priests who have been with the family.

Please pray for this family and Anthony. It is so hard to believe this has happened. The Strauss’ are a wonderful family who has already had to endure the loss of one of their children.

Let us storm heaven for all the love, prayers, and support they will need to get through this very difficult time.