The Conversion of St. Paul

Today we celebrate the conversion of St. Paul. The Word Among us had a great commentary and analogy about conversion using the bathroom mirror as an example. The Word Among us is a great resource and I highly recommend it and have been a subscriber since 1988.

Here is the Daily Reflection from the Word Among Us:

The Conversion of St.Paul


About noon a great light from the sky suddenly shone around me. (Acts 22:6)

Have you taken a close look at your bathroom mirrors lately? The daily routine of brushing your teeth, washing your face, and combing your hair in front of a mirror can leave a build-up of water marks, left­over toothpaste, and hairspray, all obstructing your reflection and giving you a miry view of your appearance. But with just a little glass cleaner and some paper towels, you can wipe the grime away, enabling you to see your reflection clearly without any spots or buildup.

In today’s first reading, the buildup that hindered Paul’s view about his life was removed when he met the Lord on the Damascus road. The revelation of Jesus—and of him­self—moved Paul to turn away from his old way of thinking and embrace the church he had been persecut­ing. With a new clarity of vision and a new understanding of who God is and how he works, Paul turned his heart to Jesus, and immedi­ately began preaching in the streets of Damascus. You can just imagine him telling people about his own experience of the Lord and urging them to turn to Jesus so that they too could come to see him as clearly as Paul had.

What made Paul so passionate and so clear? His conversion, that’s what. The moment Jesus entered his life, everything changed! Paul knew what he was like before that day, and he saw how God had been at work transforming him from that point on. That one event was so powerful that the story is told three times in the Book of Acts alone—not to men­tion all the times Paul refers to it in his letters!

Take some time today to write down the story of your own faith journey. Even if you didn’t have a dramatic “road to Damascus” expe­rience, it is still important to write down how God has been at work, giving you a clearer vision of your­self and of his love. St. Paul himself shows us that a clear mind always leads to a pure heart.

“Praise you, Lord, for your love for me is strong and mighty! You are forever faithful to everyone who trusts in your name. May I always live to give you glory and honor!”

Psalm 117:1-2; Mark 16:15-18