A Few Facts About The Daily Thought

I started sending out the Daily Thought around 6 years ago shortly after I arrived at St. Brendan parish. At first I was trying to manage the email subscribers by placing them on an email list and sending that out each day using my email account. I started having computer problems and ran into all kinds of difficulties trying to transfer the emails and keep track of who wanted to subscribe or unsubscribe.

A few years later, I discovered an email service called “Your Personal Email Provider.” I signed up for the lowest expensive package and began using that service as a means to manage who wanted to subscribe or unsubscribe.

The list of subscribers has grown to about 576 people. I just upped my service plan to accommodate the new subscribers. I am the one who is paying to have the service (not the parish or anyone else) and I enjoy trying to provide an inspirational or thought-provoking message at the beginning of each day.

The Daily Thought is very sporadic. If I read something that inspires me I will try and share it. I do my best not to copy material which sometimes can be a challenge since this is the 6th year of providing it.

Every now and then, I will get a comment from people either thanking me for the Daily Thought or disagreeing with me.

Today I got one that disagreed with me:) That is totally fine! I value people’s feedback and as a priest in service for almost 15 years, I have developed a pretty tough skin.

If you should ever want to unsubscribe to the Daily Thought, then you can go to that section of my website and enter your email and check “unsubscribe”. Please don’t send me an email asking me to remove your name. That is the reason I am paying for the service. I don’t want to have to manage all of that anymore.

Have a blessed day!