Great Reflections on the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church

Lay evangelist, singer, and songwriter, Mark Mallet began a powerful series of reflections on the Charismatic Renewal over the past month. I highly recommend them for reading and getting more information on the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church.

I will provide the link for the first entry and then if you go to the calendar in the upper right hand corner of Mark’s blog, you can click on each day from January 24th through February 22 (yesterday) to read each reflection.

I have been following Mark’s blog for a number of years and I find his writings to be  encouraging and helpful. He is faithful to the teachings of the Church and pretty keen on reading the “signs of the times in light of the Gospel”. He is the husband and father of a large family and a great example of a lay Catholic who is truly striving to live his faith and encourage his brothers and sisters.

I have met many Catholics who don’t understand the Charismatic Renewal or see it as a threat to true “orthodoxy”.  This series of reflections will greatly help people with questions about Charismatic Renewal. I firmly believe that God is wishing to lavish the gift of the Holy Spirit on the Church today and that openness to this gift is key to rising to the challenges that we now face in a rapidly secularized culture. I have had the privilege of serving as the spiritual director for Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal for several years. My life and priesthood has been greatly blessed by my involvement with WWCCR. They sent me and several other priests to the International Retreat For Priests in Ars, France in 2005. That was a powerful experience and I am forever grateful for their generosity.

Come Holy Spirit!

Here is the link to the first reflection.