Pope Addresses Troubling Situation within the Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI delivered a great teaching yesterday on God’s constant “Yes” to us and how St. Paul discovered that in his life and ministry.

At the end of the address, he made an appeal to the faithful to pray for him in light of the betrayal of some people within the Vatican. Here is what he said.


The events of recent days involving the Curia and my collaborators have brought sadness to my heart. However, I have never lost my firm certainty that, despite the weakness of man, despite difficulties and trials, the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and the Lord will ensure she never lacks the help she needs to support her on her journey.

Nonetheless there has been increasing conjecture, amplified by the communications media, which is entirely gratuitous, goes beyond the facts and presents a completely unrealistic image of the Holy See. Thus, I wish to reiterate my trust and encouragement to my closest collaborators and to all those people who every day, with faithfulness, and with a spirit of sacrifice and in silence, help me to carry out my ministry.