Closing Ceremony and Mass – 50th International Eucharistic Congress, Dublin

We attended the closing ceremony and Mass at Croke Park Stadium.

The music was outstanding! Many national artist including the three singing priests shared inspiring messages through the gift of music. The choir and orchestra they had greatly enriched the celebration of Mass. I really enjoyed a song they did in Gealic and was surprised how much Gaelic there was in a lot of the selections. I just assumed it wasn’t used much anymore, but that wasn’t at all true. All of the city and government signs are bi-lingual with English & Gaelic.

I had the privilege of concelebrating Mass with 1,000 other priests and bishops from around the world. I looked for our particular delegation but it was impossible to spot them from the distance where I was at on the ground floor.

A lot of the priests were snapping pictures through the 4.5 hour celebration. I did likewise and have posted some of them after this entry.

We leave very early in the morning for Galway. Everyone was pretty tired from all of the walking and I received a pretty bad sunburn for not bringing suntan lotion, which was of course in my room. With all the overcast skies I didn’t even think to bring it. I would not at all be offended if someone approached me and said I looked like a cooked lobster.

I will check in tomorrow after our visit to Galway. Thanks again for all your prayers. Things are going very smoothly and our tour guide said we were a really laid back group. We’ll see if that lasts by the end of the week:)