The Splendor of God’s Creation

Yesterday we went along the Dingle Peninsula. I was surprised to see so few houses along the way since it is such a beautiful stretch of land. The sheep could be found in abundance and I snapped a shot of a little lamb (probably only a few weeks old) and its mother.

We celebrated Mass in the church of St. Vincent de Paul. That was pretty neat since at least half of the pilgrims belong to St. Vincent de Paul parish in Federal Way. The priest greeted us and gave some history of the parish. When I was getting ready for Mass I asked where the Roman Missal was so that I could set it up. The priest said they only use Gaelic (or Irish as the natives say) for all of the Masses in the parish. Once again the Magnificat came to the rescue!

We got back into town fairly early and had the opportunity to grab a bite to eat and to take some pictures. It started raining but it wasn’t too bad and I had packed my umbrella.

Today we are going to the Killarney and the Ring of Kerry.

It’s hard to believe our journey is winding down to an end. The Irish people are incredibly friendly and hospitable. I can understand why so many authors and poets found refuge in this country and inspiration to write. Maybe a sabbatical someday will bring me back. Who knows!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.