Great Reflection from The Word Among Us

A teacher wanted to show his students how powerful carbon diox­ide can be. So he got a clear plastic cup, filled it with carbonated water, and added some raisins. Within a few seconds, the cup was filled with activity as the raisins began to bob up and down in the water. If one sank to the bottom, the bubbles quickly caught it and set it on its dance again.

This science experiment can give us a good image of what life in the kingdom of God is meant to be like. God doesn’t want us to sink to the bottom of the glass and remain inert. He wants to keep lift­ing us up, filling us with excitement as he reveals himself to us more and more deeply. He wants us active and moving so that we bump into other people and invite them to join in the excitement of living with him.

This is what happened with the seventy-two disciples in today’s Gospel reading. They had spent a lot of time with Jesus, “seeing” things that others longed to see (Luke 10:23). Their experience of God’s love and presence was exhil­arating. It raised them up and filled them with a desire to know more and to experience more. So Jesus harnessed all this energy and used it to send them out to pass on the excitement of what they had expe­rienced so that other people could see all they had seen.

Lo and behold, it worked! The disciples returned bubbling over with excitement because of all the Spirit had empowered them to do. Sicknesses were healed. Demons were cast out. People accepted the gospel.

What a model for us! Our Father wants to reveal himself to us more and more. He wants to fill us with the joy of knowing him so that we will feel compelled to share this good news with the people around us. So make sure that today, and every day, you are asking God to lift you up with his love and revelation. Ask him to fill you with confidence so that you can become a conduit of his power, his energy, and his love to everyone you meet.

“Father, the more I know you, the more I want to tell others about you. Let your light shine through me, and send me into the world with your message of grace and mercy!”