Homily Will Be Posted Later/Technology Victory

I forgot to bring my recorder to Mass this weekend to record the homily. As soon as the lawn crew departs with their noisy lawnmowers, I will record it.

Several years ago I purchased a DVD/VCR combo unit. I was planning on transferring VHS tapes into DVDs. I’ve only done a couple and the machine hasn’t gotten much use. All of a sudden when I went to play a DVD it would not work. It rejected every single disc I put into it. I looked the model up online and noticed a lot of people were having the same problem. The suggestion was to take it in for repair or toss it into the garbage. One person said they tried a DVD cleaning disc. I was in Target the other day and thought before throwing the unit out (repairs would probably cost as much as a new one) I would see if they had a disc to try and clean it. The gentleman at the electronics counter showed me where the DVD cleaning supplies were and pointed out one that had little brushes underneath. He said you put it in and it plays music while it cleans the laser. For $5 I figured it would be worth a try.

I came home and followed the directions and it immediately loaded the disc and began cleaning. Now every disc works in it perfectly! So if you are having problems with your DVD or Compact Disk Player, I highly recommend you try this cleaning disc. It saved me a lot of money.