Seattle Prep President Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday, I taped a show for Sound Insight with Dr. Tom Curran, Fr. Kurt Nagel, and Pam Gunderson. Before we began taping the show, it was brought to my attention that the President of Seattle Prep High School posted a blog on the School’s website supporting Referendum 74 which seeks to redefine the definition of marriage. I was extremely shocked and upset to hear about this. Why do parents spend thousands of dollars to send their children to Catholic schools so that the faculty and staff can actively undermine the teachings of the Catholic Church?

The weakest link in the Catholic schools education is passing on the Catholic faith. We can’t even get a good number of our parents in our Catholic Schools to actively worship and participate in Sunday Mass with their children. This has been a constant struggle since I have assumed being the pastor with a Catholic school.

I guess I should use this as an opportunity to thank my mom and dad for always making the Sunday Mass a priority in my life when I was growing up. Way too many of our children and youth don’t have this support in their lives today.

We need to pray for huge renewal in all of our church structures. May the Holy Spirit remove all of the people who “teach their doubt and speculation rather than the plan of God to be received by faith” (cf. 1 Timothy 1:4-5).