I switched to a new website design program several months ago when Apple stopped hosting with Mobile Me. I am not sure how much longer Apple is going to support IWeb and there are rumors going around that they are going to stop making it.

I am now using Rapidweaver. It is a very easy to use and impressive program. You can by all kinds of plug-ins for it and it is extremely flexible. However, just like getting apps on your Iphone, there are very few free plug-ins, so you have to watch yourself. (I accidentally bought a plug-in I already had thinking it was a newer version!)

I have been revamping the Resources page with a much easier to read format. I have also posted some new resources. You can view them by clicking here.

Featured Song Updated

I am just getting ready to turn in for the evening but wanted to update the website with a new featured song. I am busy putting together the audio CD for the Priest Retreat next week. I found a great song by Matthew West from his album The Story of Your Life called The Healing Has Begun. Great message! That is the updated Featured Song. You can be transported to the song by clicking here.

New Song Added

I have updated the Featured Song section of the website with the Official Song for World Youth Day 2000. I couldn’t find the lyrics  on the internet so I listened to it and typed them.

I had the privilege of going to World Youth Day 2000 with a delegation from the Archdiocese of Seattle. It was an incredible trip and we also journeyed to Lourdes, France as well.

I found this video highlighting the closing ceremony with Pope John Paul II.

Back to WordPress For Blogging

Greetings everyone!

I have decided to go back to using WordPress for my blog as well as to provide updates for my website. I can update it from any computer and it is easier to use than the IWeb blogging interface which I was previously using. So, when you click the Updates/Blog button you will be sent here.


     I had a rough go of it last night and experienced a horrific headache and some vomiting this morning. They always say the third day after surgery is the worst and that has usually been true with me. I’m doing much better now I was extremely happy that the medications I left in Ellensburg arrived in the mail this afternoon. 

    I have decided I am going to design my own website rather than look for a pre-made template. I have invested a considerable amount of money into graphic and web design software and the one thing that always prevents me from learning about it is the lack of time. Since I’m home recovering, I’m going to utilize this free time to learn more about it and try and come up with my own design. It will probably take me a lot longer than the few days I have at home to learn the materials and come up with something presentable, but I can at least get a good start. 

     So if you are a regular visitor to Fr. Jim’s World you’ll be getting used to viewing this blog in place of the regular website I had. 

     The wind is howling outside which isn’t unusual for this part of the country. They actually had to close off part of the interstate in Oregon earlier today because of the high winds. 

     I’ll have another update posted sometime tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your prayers. 

Working On Updates – Website Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The company that hosts my website is switching servers and I haven’t had access to the website for a couple of days. I spoke with someone on the phone this morning and he said things should be up and running by the end of the day today.  

I’ll put some updates on the website as well as the homily from the past weekend as soon as things are up and running. In the meantime, I cannot send out any Daily Thoughts and haven’t since Sunday.

Have a great day and stay in the shade!